Know Me

icon question Know MeBeing so curious about a guy named “Durian”? Well, not anymore because my personal blog site is now here, always open for you. You can view, search and discover everything about me with just holding your mouse and browsing this site. I know that a lot of people still don’t know me, and even if they do, they still lack complete and accurate details about who really I am.

With this site, you will be very informed about everything I’ve done before up to the present. What are my experiences, my interests, hobbies and everything that I enjoy doing. You will also know the people who contributed much in making me what I am now. I also included the different places I’ve been and what are the amazing views I discovered. I’m very glad to share all this information to you, and it’s an honour to know that you are eager to know who really I am. That’s an achievement that no one can ever alter. Visit my blog site and discover all about me!

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